July 20, 2024

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Passenger’s Smartphone Catches Hearth As Aircraft Prepares to Take Off

  • A Wizz Air passenger’s mobile phone caught fire simply simply earlier than consider-off.
  • The incident occurred on Friday because the jet taxied to the runway at Budapest airport.
  • A passenger on the flight informed Insider they noticed smoke and alerted crew members.

A passenger’s phone caught fireplace on a Wizz Air jet simply minutes previous to it took off from Budapest airport, forcing the pilot to desert the flight. 

The plane was taxiing to the runway for the flight to Malmö in Sweden when passengers found smoke billowing from a Chinese language-branded smartphone.

The airplane turned all-around and returned to the terminal so that each one passengers might get off. Their baggage was additionally taken out. 

Enikő Varga, 53, was 1 passenger on the flight. She defined to Insider the crew responded calmly to the incident and knew simply how to deal with it, reassuring all these on board.

“We understood once we noticed smoke that we would not be able to get the ultimate observe and due to this fact be caught on the airport in Malmö,”  she stated.

In response to Varga, the crew taped greater than the patch of carpet burnt by the mobile phone as revealed on this picture:

Wizz crew taped over the singed patch of carpet.

Wizz crew taped over the singed patch of carpet.


Solely two passengers decided to not get once more on board to go on their journey, even so. 

It was not very clear what triggered the cellular phone to catch fireplace or which agency constructed it.

In August final yr crew on an Alaska Airways flight from New Orleans to Seattle had to make use of fireplace extinguishers when a Samsung Galaxy telephone overheated and “began sparking” after the plane had landed, a spokesperson defined.

Travellers skilled to make use of slides to flee because the cabin had come to be hazy from the smoke.

Wizz Air was contacted for comment and Budapest airport declined to remark.